Inspection &
Assessment Services

Keep workers safe, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve equipment reliability through risk-based assessment

A proactive inspection and assessment program not only keeps workers safe, but also demonstrates professional due diligence and ensures regulatory compliance.

At Universal Builders Supply (UBS) Industrial Solutions, our Inspection and Assessment Services assess potential risks and deficiencies of Machinery Guarding and/or Structural assets in your facility in their current operating conditions. Based on those findings, we provide you with strategies to improve safety, maintain compliance, and increase productivity by incorporating end-user input into the design solutions. 

We partner with our clients. Their goals are our goals!

At UBS, our ability to integrate services across the full life-cycle of any project enables us to work with our clients from the first assessment through to installation and turnover. This seamless approach maximizes efficiencies in cost, schedule and quality.

Our seasoned team of mechanical and structural technicians is uniquely qualified to perform many inspections and assessments in the field including:

Machinery Guarding Compliance and Deficiency Assessments

  • Pumps
  • Conveyors
  • Fans and compressors
  • Other rotating equipment

Structural Compliance and Deficiency Assessments

  • Structural supports and systems
  • Ladders, stairs and handrail systems
  • Work platforms, walkways and grating
  • Construction completions and tie-ins

machine Guarding Assessment

& Equipment
Acquire and confirm list of assets and equipment from client
Codes &
Confirm specific OH&S legislation, regulatory codes, and applicable client standards
Conduct field assessments to identify deficiencies, trends and common issues
Assign risk rankings and work with client to prioritize mitigation strategy
Identify key performance criteria of machine guards on various equipment (End-User input)
Options &
Create list of options including recommended solutions, alternatives, and improvement opportunities.
Compile and submit “Project Assessment Report”

A risk-based Machinery Guarding or Structural Assessment program provides a multitude of benefits that are key to worker safety and plant productivity by:

  • Improving safety and reducing risks for plant personnel
  • Reducing equipment downtime by avoiding unplanned outages
  • Developing prioritized strategies to ensure compliance is maintained and risks are minimized
  • Increasing equipment reliability
  • Providing more effective maintenance and turnaround planning

UBS utilizes the most advanced digital execution tools to manage and control project performance from start to finish including:

  • Intrinsically safe digital tools that improve productivity and consolidate data
  • Transparent, on-demand reporting that provides clients with the data they need, when they need it
  • On-site technical teams that enable in-situ assessments, reducing downtime, and expediting response times
  • Repeatable, scalable processes that can be easily configured to suit any multi-scope project
  • End-to-end compliance management at every step

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