Guarding Solutions

Keep your workers safe, increase productivity, and protect your investments with custom machine guarding solutions

Nowhere is safety more important than for workers who maintain, or work around, rotating equipment. It is crucial that machine guards keep people safe, while not interfering in the operation or maintenance process.

The innovative guarding designs created by Universal Builders Supply (UBS) Industrial Solutions let operators maintain maximum safety and efficiency, while allowing for easy adjustments, maintenance, repairs, and cleaning.

UBS provides many custom guarding solutions including:

  • Coupling guards
  • Gland seal guards
  • Mechanical seal guards
  • Speed sensor guards
  • Belt guards
  • Conveyor protection panel systems
  • Pulley guards
  • Deterrent barriers
  • Removable barrier and rail systems

Designed with the end-user in mind All UBS guarding solutions are:

  • Engineered to provide the highest degree of safety, quality,
    and efficiency
  • Light weight and ergonomically friendly for end-users
  • Highly adjustable to allow for all conditions
  • Modular in design to incorporate various configurations or sizes

Proven designs and solutions

At UBS, our extensive experience with innovative, removable guarding systems includes designs and applications that have been approved for use on a wide variety of petrochemical facilities and projects.

The benefit for our clients is lower cost for future applications, and expedited timelines for the design and installation of any project.

Machinery Guarding Assessments

A key step in making your workplace safer is to understand the risks. We don’t just “cover up the hazard” and walk away. 

During a UBS Guarding Assessment, we work with you to understand the key operational requirements of each piece of your equipment. Then we provide you with strategies to improve safety, maintain compliance, and increase productivity by incorporating end-user input into our design solutions.

Once our assessment is complete, we provide a clear, concise report detailing each piece of equipment, associated findings, any non-compliance or deficiency concerns, and potential options for mitigation.

All equipment findings are risk-ranked to enable our clients to prioritize their remediation strategies and to ensure that compliance is maintained, and risks are eliminated.

Full Service from Assessment to Installation

The ability of UBS to integrate services across the full life-cycle of every project enables us to work with our clients from the first assessment through to installation and turnover, maximizing efficiencies in cost, schedule, and quality.


Expert technical and installation teams

Our expert teams of installers have mechanical and structural experience and our technicians are uniquely qualified to perform assessments in the field.

Individually labelled for easy identification

Our guards are clearly identified with the related equipment tag to ensure correct machine assignment, installation, and orientation every time.

When you choose UBS you will always get:

  • A safety-focused and experienced team
  • Superior customer service
  • Cost-saving solutions
  • Innovative designs and solutions for unique problems
  • Services and solutions across the entire project life-cycle: design, engineering, procurement, construction, and turnover

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